Gorbi desert
Sahara desert

Throughout the vast Saharan expanse, we are building numerous water-quality infrastructures through the establishment of many specialized and efficient plants of last generation: 49 desalination plants.

We take advantage of our presence on the scene to set up an extensive network of very high-speed electricity, an insufficiently developed need in Africa. Here, we highlight the high potential of the Saharan sunshine that we connect to a dense network of electric transport. It is 37 concentrated solar thermal power plants.

5. Economic development

3. Reforestation

1. Sanitary seawater

2. Electrical network

Amount of investment

4. Products derived from seawater

In the long term, we are reviving the varied economic activity of the regions. This creates 222,622 direct jobs and 890,488 indirect jobs. In fact, the project globally covers the incomes of a population of 8,904,880 people.

 Global Budget  101 827 012 000 €

We combine the production of fresh water with a gas recovery activity. The treatment of seawater is done in a closed circuit, so we use the steam available at the exit of the turbines, lost in a conventional plant, but reusable in a thermal desalination plant operating on the principle of evaporation. We get aircraft fuel, marine carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. All these gases, highly sought after on the market, are very profitable.

The objective is to build a green belt around the Sahara, to green with a reforestation with a width of 15 km a green wall limiting the growth of this desert.

The aim is to fight against global warming, to provide an ecological response to environmental pressures from sand, to provide a strong and humane initial food base in the region and to stimulate the creation of a large-scale project employment and well-being in Africa. In short, fight against poverty and its consequences.

Jardin Sirocco Foundation, is an international investment company dedicated to Green Belt Project, an ecological, social and humanitarian causes.

Green Belt Project