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Economy without debt

We can therefore estimate that if these initiatives create hundreds of thousands of jobs, in the agricultural, commercial and industrial fields, it is necessary to conceive a collective management of this new financial and social contribution. If funds are provided for a humanitarian purpose, they must also be managed as a cooperative when appropriate.

The spirit of the cooperative must be maintained throughout the productive and commercial process.

Inclusive cities must be designed that allow economic, social and territorial cohesion. The inclusive city is a city in which no category of inhabitants is excluded from urban development. It promotes access to essential services for the greatest number of people and in particular for the most vulnerable populations. It also encourages the involvement of citizens and all its stakeholders in its operation.

Cooperative and human spirit

The objective of the company is to favor a fair, solidarity-based and ecological international industrial development. The purpose of this statement is to protect cooperative, secular, respectful and inclusive dialogue and to promote gender equality and education.

Thus the fundamental charter of the economic development sought is to favor the emergence of local resources: jobs on site, training in the company, optimization of the technical and economic supervision by the staff of the host country. Give full priority to local employment.

The objective is national self-development through energy, food and industrial self-development. It is always better to learn to fish rather than give a fish, to educate than to feed on ignorance. In this sense, emphasis will always be placed on education, especially for women.

Charter of values

The development we are considering is not based on the indebtedness of the countries concerned, either in the short or in the long term. On the contrary, the financing is without any requirement on the part of the beneficiary countries. The investment is for a humanitarian purpose, so social. The objective we pursue is to provide tools so that the first actors, the workers, can create a future, can transform their environment from resources of which they will be guardians and holders, thus owners.

By arranging their territory and their initiatives in their image, that is to say according to their true need, we can be assured of harmonious growth conducive to social peace. It is not enough to bring goods, it is still necessary that these goods are equitably shared and benefit everyone. The fruits of growth must take into account this equity, especially in the male-female ratio.

Green Belt Project